Mitton – ET1000 Earth Tester / Micro-ohmmeter

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The ET1000 is a versatile 4-terminal earth tester suitable for the measurement of soil resistivity, earth electrode or grid resistance, conductor/joint resistance and primary plant bonding resistance.

The ET1000 is especially suited to soil resistivity measurements due to its multi-function, high resolution and high voltage output feature (which is used to overcome high current electrode contact resistance).

  • Range: 0.0 µΩ – 999.0 µΩ; 1.0 mΩ – 9.999 mΩ; 10.0 mΩ – 9.999 kΩ; 100 mΩ – 9.999 Ω; 10 Ω – 99.99 Ω; 100 Ω – 220 Ω; up to 20 kΩ in soil resistance with high C probe impedance
  • Input impedance: 2 MΩ/220 kΩ
  • Output current: 65 mA/10 mA at 48 Vp/400 Vp
  • Battery life approx 12 hrs
  • Test mode reversing DC
  • Easy portability for any environment