Why pay up to 50% more for an AC/DC Clampmeter with Flexi-Probe & Smartphone App?

The new Sonel CMP-3000

The New Sonel CMP-3000 gives you all the features of the one you thought was the market leader plus more, and you pocket the savings!Enjoy the added benefits of Temperature measurement, Non-contact voltage detection, Duty Cycle measurement plus a built-in flashlight to see your way into dark places!The New Sonel CMP-3000 includes all the features you expect including:

– AC/DC current measurement up to 1000 Amps by conventional jaws with the AC range extending to 3,000 Amps with the 160mm diameter Flexi-Probe

– AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, Capacitance and Temperature

– Bluetooth communication with a smartphone app allows you to record, store and share measurements by email.