Service & Repairs

These days the majority of instrument are manufactured overseas and factory service can be on the other side of the world meaning it costs considerable time and money to access. Instruments distributed by Pacific Test Equipment are predominantly manufactured in Europe or North America but with one significant difference – we have our own service facility right here in Australia with direct communication to the technical experts at the factories. We do not sub-contract service to a third party as do our competitors. Our goal is to service 90% of the products we distribute in our own laboratory. Some of our competitors send most of their repairs back to the factory where they were manufactured resulting in a long delay and a BIG invoice for you!

Pacific Test equipment is the Australian/NZ Service Centre for AEMC, Amptec,Chauvin Arnoux, Cropico, Dranetz, DV-Power, N4L, Sonel and Iris Instruments. The reputation of our service laboratory has resulted in Pacific Test equipment being designated as the Authorised Service Centre for the South-East Asian region for Ibeko DV-Power instruments.

We offer a high-quality repair service for most brands of electrical testing instruments.

Our expert product knowledge and diagnostic equipment means that we are quickly able to diagnose faults and carry out repairs to a high standard.

We also have a dedicated Service Customer Care Co-ordinator allowing us to provide personal and consistent communication about the status of your repair and calibrations.

To book your instrument in for repair evaluation please call 02 9659 2300 or email [email protected].



Service (or repair) can range from a simple adjustment either mechanically or more commonly by firmware to a significant repair requiring replacement of parts. You can understand that returning an out-of-specification instrument to within specification can range from a modest to a substantial cost, depending on the brand, model and type of instrument. At Pacific Test Equipment we always contact you with a quotation before embarking on any corrective work. This means that you can decide whether to proceed with the work or whether it is uneconomical to do so. All repairs are covered by a 3 month warranty.



Value-added Benefits of a Pacific Test Equipment Repair Service

  • As Pacific Test equipment also distributes a comprehensive range of electrical testing instruments we are able to advise you of the most suitable replacement instrument if your instrument is uneconomical to repair so that the process of replacing your instrument is simplified and down-time is minimised.
  • Pacific Test equipment’s repair service is well supported by the manufacturers of instruments that we distribute. This gives us the facility to provide local warranty repairs in most cases minimizing the downtime of your instruments.
  • Our service technicians are highly skilled and regularly undergo training so as to offer the highest level of service possible.
  • Our Quality and Assurance systems ensure that you can be confident we will:
    • Take care of your instruments and any accessories
    • Communicate any issues with you promptly