The Dranetz HDPQ Guide & Xplorer PQ analyzers are ideally suited for mission critical applications. When combined with the Dran-View 7 Enterprise software, the Dranetz HDPQ family has unmatched capabilities.

Benefits include:
 High resolution measurements – capture the details of each transition
> Waveshape change triggers – reliably capture each step load change
> Large 10K cycle data buffer – capture before, during and after each step
> Cycle-by-cycle frequency – see the frequency response of each step
> Dran-View 7 Enterprise – analysis, data post processing, and reporting

Such capabilities ensure that you reliably capture each load step and its effects on the system.

Load stepping, power source switching and other tests required during the commissioning and troubleshooting of mission critical facilities presents unique challenges to the average PQ analyzer. Most PQ analyzers can’t reliably capture the step load changes, don’t have a large enough recording buffer, can’t capture the effects on frequency, or have other deficiencies.

The Dranetz HDPQ Guide & Xplorer are unlike most PQ analyzers and are built for this task!

To learn more about the Dranetz HDPQ and mission critical testing applications speak to Pacific Test Equipment who sell and service this product throughout Australia and New Zealand.