AEMC 6529 – Megohmmeter (50V 100V 250V 500V 1KV 420K-OHM PI/DAR)

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Megohmmeter Model 6529

Low Cost, Hand-held Multimeter/Megohmmeter

Model 6529 is a low cost 1000V hand-held instrument that offers Multimeter functions as well as Megohmmeter functions. This model is created for the commercial, industrial and contractor markets and is simple to use. It’s priced at a point tailored to contractors and independent electricians that need to check the quality of insulation as well as perform basic electrical measurements.

True Megohmmeter®

It is a True Megohmmeter® in compliance with IEC 61010 and is designed with features and functions for use in the field:

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • rugged
  • easy to handle, even when wearing gloves.

Its construction and interface is intended to simplify use. An intuitive pass/fail indication offering a blue/red backlight makes it very easy to identify defective conditions.

Automatic Test Inhibit for Safety

It includes an automatic test inhibit if connected to a live circuit as well as automatic discharge at the completion of the test.