Cropico – RM8 Wide Range 0.01Ω to 1MΩ

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Category: Brand: Seaward


Compact 8 decade resistance box with double pole switching

  • Wide Range 0.01Ω to 1MΩ
  • Accuracy 0.1%
  • Power Rating 1W / Coil

RM8 Resistance Decade / Total Resistance 1.1111111Megohm, Resolution 0.01ohm.

The model RM8 decade resistance box is designed to complement our range of resistance boxes, offering a very wide range 0.01ohm to 1Megohm in a compact and versatile unit. The low decade steps of 0.01ohm enables very high resolution, when simulating resistance values and the power rating is 1.0 watt per coil.

The RM8 uses double pole switching to minimize the effects of contact resistance. The lower value decades (0.01 and 0.1ohm) are manufactured from manganin resistance wire and the other decades from selected metal film resistors. This offers good stability combined with excellent load and temperature coefficients.

Decade Accuracy Max. Current
10 x 100kohm ± 0.1% 0.003A
10 x 10kohm ± 0.1% 0.01A
10 x 1kohm ± 0.1% 0.33A
10 x 100ohm ± 0.1% 0.1A
10 x 10ohm ± 0.5% 0.3A
10 x 1ohm ± 1% 1.0A
10 x 0.1ohm ± 5% 1.0A
10 x 0.01ohm ± 10% 1.0A
Resistors Rotary 2 pole in parallel, contacts silver plated brass with positive click mechanism.
Insulation > 50,000 Megohm
Maximum Continuous Working Voltage 70Vdc / 33vrms
Switches Insulated will accept 4 mm banana plugs and spade tags.
Residual Resistance <0.1ohm
Terminals 2 binding posts will accept 4 mm banana plugs and spade tags. 1 terminal for connection to panel/earth
Test Voltage 1kV dc between terminals and panel
Size 254 x 145 x 80mm
Weight 0.95kg