DV Power TRT-H Handheld Turns Ratio Tester

Data Sheet - DV Power TRT-H Series


Handheld turns ratio tester TRT-H is DV Power single-phase instrument specially designed for measuring transformer turns ratio of single-phase and three-phase transformers.

Together with the turns ratio, the instrument also measures excitation current and phase angle. By measuring these two parameters, it is possible to detect failures, related to transformer core or windings, that cannot be spotted by measuring only the turns ratio.

The instrument can output a maximum test voltage of 40 V AC for testing turns ratio of distribution transformers, but it can also generate a very low voltage of 1 V AC which is necessary for turns ratio verification of most current transformers. By measuring phase angle, the polarity of instrument transformers can be checked.

TRT-H is powered by an internal Li-Ion battery. Up to 100 tests can be performed with a fully charged battery. The battery charging time is 2.5 hours.