Newtons4th – PSM1735 Frequency Response Analyzer 10uHz to 35MHz 0.02deg Phase Accuracy

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10µHz–35MHz Versatile High Performance Gain/Phase Frequency Response Analyzer

Utilising an innovative design that incorporates both direct digital analysis and heterodyning techniques, the PSM1735 provides a broad range of measurement functions over a wider frequency range than any other instrument available today. Typical applications for this product include switched mode power supply feedback loop analysis, filter test and design, LVDT testing, sweep frequency response analysis of wound components and much more. As with other N4L products, PSM1735 NumetriQ utilises the latest DSP and FPGA technology to optimise the use of its analogue hardware providing speed and measurement flexibility without compromise on the performance of each measurement function. The N4L PSM1735 features 0.01dB gain accuracy and 0.02° phase accuracy which is truly market leading performance.

Features & Benefits

Frequency range 10µHz to 35MHz Floating differential inputs – 10 Vpk
Gain accuracy at < 1 kHz 0.01 dB Phase accuracy at < 1 kHz 0.01°
Frequency response analyzer Impedance analyzer
Vector Volt Meter / Phase Angle Volt Meter RMS Volt Meter
Loop response analysis Harmonic analyser