Sonel – MIC-30 – 1000V Programmable tester, memory 100GΩ 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V, 10 to 1000V with 10V step

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Datasheet - Sonel - MIC-10, MIC-30


The Sonel MIC-30 is a professional and programmable insulation resistance tester (megohmmeter) used for measuring insulation reistance in electrical circuits and components. It is supplied with user software and a wireless transmission adapter to allow wireless connection to a PC.

  • Selectable test voltages 50V, 100V,  250V,  500V and 1000V o 10 – 1000V with 10V step
  • Fully programmable test voltage from 10 to 1000V in 10V increments
  • Insulation measurement to 100 Gohms
  • Measures AC/DC voltage to 600V
  • Continuous indication of the measured insulation resistance
  • Low-voltage measurement of circuit continuity and resistance
  • Capacitance measurement from 1nF to 0.01microF during Riso measurement
  • Leakage current measurement
  • Automatic discharge of object under test on concluding measurement
  • Audible signalling every 5 seconds to facilitate timing of measurement
  • Integrated 1-600s timer measures 1 or 2 absorbtion co-efficients
  • Can configure pairs of measured conductors and measure resistance for all combinations
  • Indication of measurement voltage during test
  • Protection against measurement of live circuits and objects
  • Three-lead measurement
  • Memory of 11880 records
  • Wireless data transfer to PC and print reports
  • 600V CAT IV
  • IP67 water and dust proof
  • Robust casing and built to last