SONEL – P-4 Voltage and Continuity Tester LED display 12V to 690V AC/DC

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Datasheet - SONEL - P-4,P-5,P-6


Sonel P-4 is reliable, particularly durable and safe 2-pole testers, which enable testing voltage, circuit continuity and phase sequence. It has been designed for use in extreme conditions both in industry and commercial applications. Advanced technology, a high level of safety and user-friendliness are the key features of the P-line voltage testers.

Main functions and attributes of the P-line instruments:

  • Automatic voltage test up to 690 V AC/DC,
  • Optical indication by a LED bar,
  • Sound indication when dangerous voltage levels of 50 V AC and 120 V DC are exceeded,
  • RCD trip test with switchable load,
  • Automatic continuity test upon connection to the object,
  • 2-pole test of phase rotation direction,
  • Single-pole indication of 100 V presence,
  • Robust, two-component housing protecting from mechanical damages and impacts,
  • Integrated torch light for tests in poorly lit areas,
  • IP65 ingress protection guarantees protection against dust and water,
  • Safety provided by measuring class compliant with CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V.