Universal Technic – P32 AC Current Probe 1A to 3200A, 82mm Conductor

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The P32 current probe has been designed for use with multimeters, recorders, power analysers, safetry testers etc. for accurate non-intrusive measurement of AC current. Using the latest transformer technology, the P32 can measure currents from 1A to 3200A over a frequency range of 30Hz to 10kHz.
  • Current Range 1A – 3200A AC
  • Max conductor size diameter: 82mm, Busbars: 100x58mm…..120x50mm
  • Nominate Output: AC current 300mA to 5A, AC voltage 1V to 5V or DC Voltage 1V to 2V
  • Safety sockets diameter 4mm
  • 600V CAT III